• career

    GAPLabs is a full-service IT organization based in Tacloban City, Philippines. As a full-service agency, we offer comprehensive services starting with web development and data entry to front-facing sales and content generation. Positions focus on utilizing the skills of each employee to create the optimum environment for building a progressive career, while maintaining a local presence in Leyte.

  • lifestyle

    Employment at GAPLabs offers a balance between personal life and a professional career. Offering this balance through four-day work weeks, monthly team days and activities, coupled with a modern work environment conducive to after hours hang-outs and use of an on-campus fitness center and basketball court; GAPlabbers enjoy a lifestyle mirrored after larger organizations in the IT hemisphere.

  • family

    Beyond a company, GAPLabs is a functioning team and more importantly a family. Managers support open communication, respect, honesty, and teamwork among employees, allowing team members to feel at home and comfortable in the workplace, as well as after hours. As a community, we have built a family that not only supports but also gives back to the local community through volunteering and economic development.

Our Focus

Specializing in product delivery for the travel industry, GAPLabs has conceptualized, developed, and maintained numerous websites and products to benefit travelers and travel providers worldwide. From developing resources for industry leaders to helping travelers with their travel-fundraising, to creating websites that share essential travel information and inspiring individuals to See the World, GAPLabs has established a significant presence across various aspects of the industry.

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Get to know who we are - from the inside out. From our history and culture, to the people behind our products and ideas, get the inside scoop on all things GAPLabs.

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We aren’t all about working, GAPLabs continually works to provide a variety of events throughout the year for employees, their families, and the community. Check out what the GAPLabs team is up to outside of the office.

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    I had the opportunity to be a web developer intern on the Horizontal Team at LinkedIn. The wall next to my desk was completely bare the entire summer. For my team’s parting gift, I designed a series of posters each with a beverage of some sort and a name corresponding to one of my team members.

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    Responsiveness adds just a bit of difficulty. Creating responsive circles is very simple as explained in Responsive CSS Circles. In a responsive round button, the a tag is nested in the circle's div and covers its area completely. The circle uses overflow:hidden to keep the clickable area from overflowing it.