GAPLabs Christmas Party 2014

Dec 21, 2014

Not even Typhoon Ruby can stop the GAPLabs team from hosting their annual Christmas Party. This year the party was blue and white themed and everyone came decked out in jaw dropping winter colors, despite the slightly rainy weather. The amazing admin team did not hold back, after postponing the party a week because of Ruby's rude arrival.

Beginning with a prayer and some scrumptious food prepared by the incredible GAPLabs catering team, a newly found beauty of 2014, everyone enjoyed some delicious ham and many other hearty dishes.

Next came the awaited presentations, which the tech team clearly led when it came to laughs, but as far as talent there was no competition, the content team and most specifically Czarina, clearly led the company. SGA did their thing, elegantly and gracefully as always, and the Admin team had nearly the whole office singing along to their heartfelt tune. 

Numerous raffle prizes were given away throughout, and there are rumors that late in the evening some particular employees even robbed the remaining stash for any leftover goodies.

When it was time for Kris Kringle everyone was overflowing with full on holiday cheer, and tequila may have been passed around during the exchange. There were many surprises as every celebrity and wish list was revealed, and everyone enjoyed receiving a thoughtful gift from their fellow employees.

No one could stop the dance party that followed, and hardly a soul could resist joining in with the DJ and light show in the Mess Hall.

As the night came to a close, some employees stayed all night snuggled up on the floor of their offices while others enjoyed a few beers on the patio under the stars.

All in all, the Christmas Party was a perfect end to 2014 for the GAPLabs team, although everyone was sad to not have the Boss there of course.