GAPLabs Sports Fest 2016

Jul 29, 2016

An annual GAPLabs event where our employees get to showcase their character, creativity, sportsmanship and simply pure talent. For this year we added a new event to the full pack program - GAP Got Talent! The other events were volleyball, jumping rope, chinese garter, 3 point shootout, patintero and table tennis. We also had the amazing sports race in the morning of Day 2. On this race our staff travelled Tacloban and Palo following clues for different pit stops. On each pit stop they completed different challenges in order to get the next clue. They experienced running, swimming, biking and hiking.

For this year the teams were named after waray terms for fruits. So we had Team 1 - Kakaw, Team 2 - Orens, Team 3 - Baloy and Team 4 - Balimbing. Team Baloy won as the Champion for the entire Sports Fest! Each year we also pick the MVP (male & female) or the Most Valuable Player. This award was given to Kurt Jerome Obispo and to Kathy Lou Aurelia.