Halloween 2014

Oct 31, 2014

Friday October 31, 2014 will officially go down as the spookiest night in GAP Labs history. It was an evening filled with laughs, shrieks, and the immediate consumption of enough candy to feed a small army, which it actually kind of what did happen if you qualify all of the employee’s children in attendance.

This year’s Halloween Party began with a short blackout, immediately creating a haunting atmosphere which would set the stage for the night’s many tricks and treats. The GAP Labs staff took advantage of the darkness to change into costume, perfect their scaring tactics, and put the finishing touches on making their office doors super spooky.

Friends and families gradually flooded in, and soon the entire GAP Labs complex was crawling with zombies, monsters, princesses, superheroes, and other masqueraded individuals. Although so many creatures of different types were interacting in such a small space, things never got out of hand because luckily for everyone a mysterious cowboy/sheriff was vigilantly patrolling the hallways.

When the lights came on a dinner was served and GAP employees enjoyed a delicious meal while meeting each other’s children and significant others. It was a fun bonding moment for all GAP Labs families to unite under one roof. And we’re fairly certain that at one point there was a chocolate cake, but it vanished so quickly that many later assumed it to be an apparition.

After dinner came the doorway competition. During the day each team had decorated their office entryway in such a manner that one might mistake each for the doors for a haunted house itself. That’s a bit of an exaggeration. But they were really well done and elicited a beaming pride from their respective designers. In the end the sales team took grand prize, squeaking out a victory over the tech team’s equally haunting entry (note the pun).

Next the games began. All of the children present at the event gathered in the mess hall and participated in a series of fun activities with candy and toys as the prize for victory. Although many of the young children seemed to lack the sufficient self awareness to fully comprehend that they were competing against one another, and instead were more enticed by the prospect of dancing and eating as much candy as possible, most adults present agreed that it was super cute.

After the kids’ games had ended and the children had begun to succumb to the inevitable crash of an all-night sugar bender, it was time for the adults to enjoy some games of their own. A spooky scavenger hunt, bobbing for donuts, and a Q&A game regarding various thematic elements of horror movies provided for a fun and entertainment filled evening that would last into the early hours of All Saints’ Day. Mischief was at a minimum, and all reveled together in the spirit of good times.

With all said and done, Halloween 2014 was another resounding GAP Labs success. Everyone left the party with at least one piece of candy along with a bag full of memories to last all the way until the 2015.