September Team Day 2014

Sep 23, 2014

On September 29, 2014 the GAP Labs staff gathered at the complex early in the morning for their monthly team day. Faces were shining as bright and sunny as the weather outside, and all were equally eager to devote the last day of their weekend to the noble common pursuit of perfecting team chemistry. Today the staff’s ability to collaborate as a team would be put to the highest tests of patience, creativity, and endurance.

The morning began with a grouping into four separate teams and then the rules were explained. Each team would rotate through four separate tasks, each contributing exactly 25 percent of completed work to the finished product. Between some stations a degree of communication was allowed between teams - between others they walked blindly into the lion’s den.

The first station was painting. Each team was assigned to recreate one quadrant of Da Vinci’s masterpiece the Mona Lisa, given a large canvas and variety of paints to work with. Brush strokes were laid down with such impassioned beauty that the master himself would weep softly should he have witnessed their elegance and precision.

The next station involved a degree of construction work and architectural engineering, a formidable task for a staff full of technologically minded people. The four teams were to combine to construct a roller coaster out of bamboo rods that would capably keep a rubber ball suspended above the ground in movement for a full 30 seconds. The work gloves and safety goggles were out in full force for this one, and needless to say it looked funny to see everyone wearing them.

During the third station the staff got their big chance to debut on the silver screen. Teams combined to shoot a full length promotional video which portrayed the vision and values of the GAP Labs community. Perhaps the most important development of the entire day took place through the lens of a camera. We are speaking, of course, of the now infamously renowned creation of GAP Man. On this day a real superhero was born.

The fourth station was a 1,000 piece puzzle, which to be perfectly honest the staff came nowhere near completing. It was too hard. Most of the pieces were either purple or blue which made it really confusing, and really it was a stretch to even attempt a 1,000 piece puzzle in such an inordinately short amount of time. Upon official review it was revealed that the puzzle was intended to be 500 pieces, but that size was difficult to come by.

When all the station rotations were complete the GAP Labs team recombined in the mess hall to witness the final creations. The Mona Lisa was arguably better than the original, the roller coaster was an engineering marvel to rival Stonehenge, the video was hilarious, and the puzzle, as already mentioned, wasn’t really that close to being finished but still looked pretty good.

And thus ended another team day at GAP Labs. The staff was able to take the collaboration, which they engage in every day at work, to the next level all morning and afternoon, and it was amazing to catch a glimpse of the immense creative potential of many people on the team. The Mona Lisa is now hanging in the mess hall.