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  • GoAbroad HQ Customer Service Representative

    About GoAbroad HQ

    GoAbroad HQ is a robust data organization system that improves customer relationships and increase internal productivity. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool was designed specifically for organizations offering international education and travel opportunities. As leaders in the field of study abroad and youth travel, created GoAbroad HQ to support lead conversion, participant management, and risk management.

    About is the leading meaningful travel resource, offering a comprehensive searchable database of opportunities to study, volunteer, intern, and teach abroad. With over one million monthly visitors, attracts individuals looking for college study abroad programs, gap year experiences, career break ideas, high school trips, and much more. Along with our online database of international experiences, GoAbroad has additional divisions which include a crowd-sourced fundraising platform, a magazine for study abroad returnees, an entity focused on social media management, and a comprehensive database system.

    Position Description

    HQ Customer Service Representatives are responsible for providing excellent customer service to all prospective and current HQ clients. This will be accomplished through supporting the product, implementing our customer service strategy, and being a hard-working member of the HQ team.

    The ideal candidate will have the following qualities:

    * Excellent written and spoken english. Very high level of technical reading comprehension. Careful reading and writing is essential

    * Highly self-motivated. Able to work diligently for many hours by themselves, often on complicated multi-step problems.

    * Flexible schedule. Will often require working evenings/weekends to meet the needs of customers around the world.

    * Customer-comes-first orientation. A strong drive to empathize with the needs of customers and help solve their problems.

    * Proactive thinking. Customer Service Rep MUST be capable and confident solving problems on his/her own - searching for the answer when one is not immediately clear. This candidate must be highly self-reliant.

    * Professional communication. Timely, honest communication to customers, managers and fellow HQ team members.

    Primary Responsibilities

    * Become an HQ expert - understand the software backward and forward

    * Respond to ALL customer tickets within the predetermined time window

    * Provide personal and attentive customer service to prospective and current clients

    * Support Sales team for HQ - assisting with sales meetings, demonstrations, etc.

    * Carefully replicating and documenting errors found in HQ

    * Exhaustive testing of software updates and bug fixes

    * Completion of special projects with high quality and attention to detail

    * Commitment to continuous improvement of the product

    * Meet deadlines and ensure sufficient communication if unable to

    * Professional interactions with customers


    * Completed a degree program at a higher education institution

    * Should have strong project management, organization, communication, and editing skills

    * Passion for and familiarity with new product development

    * Must be able to work well both in a team and independently

    * Previous experience in customer service and personnel management preferred

    * Successful candidate is enthusiastic, task oriented, proactive and creative

    * Ability to take direction, feedback, and challenge the status quo

    * Knowledge and previous experience using CRM or database systems is a plus

    * Must be able to work out of Tacloban City office

    Time Commitment

    This is a full-time, salaried position.

    Company Benefits

    * 4 day workweek

    * Healthcare insurance options

    * Annual Vacation Leave based on tenure

    * Sick Leave, Personal Leave, and national holidays are also given

    * Professional development opportunities

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