Our Story

The mission behind GAPLabs began long before our office was established. One of the founders of, Troy Peden, was spending time volunteering abroad when he found himself in Tacloban City, Leyte, which led him to establish a small NGO called Building Hope. Over the years, Troy’s work in the Philippines grew and Building Hope evolved into Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV) in 2004. From his work with VFV, the mission of GAPLabs was born.

GAPLabs initially began as Asian Data and Internet Solutions with the sole purpose of providing technical support for as well as its family of meaningful travel websites. As the Asia Data team grew, the drive and innovation of the team members multiplied. It wasn’t long before it was clear that the team was not content acting only as a “support” team for This was when Asia Data and Internet Solutions become GAPLabs.

The name GAPLabs illustrates a combination of GoAbroad Philippines and the corporate culture of education, invention, and technology. GAPLabs is locally managed and driven, with a focus on constant evolution and growth. From a handful of people working out of a sala in 2001 to one of the most modern work facilities in Leyte, complete with a fitness center, basketball court, and state of the art work centers, GAPLabs has become a hub of innovation. Committed to Family, Careers, and Lifestyle, the GAPLabs team has created numerous meaningful websites that are at their heart created to make the world a better place.

Today, the GAPLabs team enjoys many perks as a result of our core values, including a four day work week, monthly team building activities, competitive salaries, professional development opportunities, comprehensive health insurance, and unusual perks like a monthly rice allowance, free lunches, and best of all international travel opportunities. The GAPLabs team prides themselves in their family-oriented mentality that helps the company stay united and committed to their central mission.

GAPLabs provides numerous job opportunities, with positions spanning from web development and design to administration and finance to content writing, customer support, sales, and social media marketing. GAPLabs also has an active internship program for local college students and recent graduates, providing young people with incomparable opportunities to build their careers.

Beyond job opportunities, GAPLabs is dedicated to Tacloban City and the surrounding communities through its continued support of local schools, outreach programs, fundraising efforts, volunteer days, and a close connection to Volunteer for the Visayans. In 2013 following Typhoon Haiyan, the extended GAPLabs family raised nearly 3.8 million pesos to help staff and dozens of other families rebuild their homes and communities. They also developed the only online platform for sharing Typhoon Haiyan survival stories, The GAPLabs staff also remain actively involved in’s charitable nonprofit, the GoAbroad Foundation.

Over the years GAPLabs team have evolved from the website to develop more than a dozen products, some of which include: GoEvaluator, FundMyTravel, Thank You Spot, Last Farewells, and Travolucion.

GAPLabs provides job opportunities to Tacloban City and the surrounding communities, with positions ranging from web developers and designers, content administers, sales representatives, social media community managers, administrative officers, writers and data support specialists, with commitments ranging from internships to careers. Today GAPLabs enjoys one of the highest employee retention rates in the technology sector.

Who We Are

Taking pride in being local, GAPLabs employees are comprised of local graduates from schools such as University of the Philippines - Tacloban, Eastern Visayas State University, Leyte Normal University, ACLC, and St. Paul’s School of Business and Law. From employees who are fresh graduates to cornerstone members of the organization with over 10 years of experience with the company, there is a wide range of knowledge and personality at GAPLabs.

Take a look at every person that keeps GapLabs moving forward and get to know the personalities behind our work.