TestLab Senior Web Designer


Being TestLab’s resident superhero and comic book geek, Venz knows that having a power this great comes with even greater responsibility! The amount of superhero knowledge that this guy possesses scares a lot of “normal” human beings, but becomes vital when discussing MCU theories and possible ways to save the Green Lantern franchise.

Venz has proven himself as one of the best designers and trusted graphic artists in the company. He remains to be the go-to-guy for any tarpaulin, graphic, cartooning, movie-making, and even birthday cake need.

He spends his free time enjoying long bike rides, playing ukulele, building artsy things, instagramming, identifying Pixar easter eggs, listening to indie music, watching tv shows, and customising things, such as shoes, mugs, and, as mentioned before, birthday cakes! As fun as he may sound, Venz has never been a fan of forced socialisation, bank transactions, annual physical checkups, global warming, or people in general.