The Chief of Tech


The GAPLabs CTO is a person of brains, face, and personality to boot. Having joined the team in 2004, Daf loves that her job is so diverse and how it entails continuous improvements of GAPLabs web products. There are different daily technical challenges which always make her workday interesting. She believes that the technical world is wonderful with endless capabilities.

There is no chore that she dislikes. Well, hand washing may be her least favorite - she prefers the use of modern day washing machines to do her laundry. She points out that if everyone could just be passionate enough to consider these chores as natural daily life activities, then everybody will love doing them. Daf considers Super Typhoon Haiyan as an experience that tested strength and perseverance in the midst of a terrible disaster.

She would have loved to meet Neil Armstrong to personally ask him how it felt to travel to space, to be the first man to step on the moon, and to be somebody who made such a remarkable milestone in history. When given 30 minutes of free time, she prefers spending just around 10 minutes checking out Facebook and the rest watching news. Daf is an avid traveler and loves island hopping. From all the islands and local beaches she has been to, she simply adores El Nido, Palawan. Skittles, Snickers, or M&Ms? She'd pick Snickers for sure. M&Ms melts in her hands sometimes and Skittles are just a bit too sweet for her taste.