Random IT Nerd


Jaypee, GAPLabs’s lighthearted and highly imaginative Software Engineer for the TestLab team, has been with the company since February of 2015. He loves Sting (both the musician and the energy drink), picks Star Wars over Star Trek every time, and prefers reading paperback books instead of ebooks. Jaypee also likes anime and K-Pop and enjoys playing soccer and badminton. But, what he really loves to do is play string instruments, the keyboard, and especially the drums. However, Jaypee also loves seeing people cringe at the sound of his singing voice.

If he had a superpower he’d love the ability to control all possibilities, be omnipotent; to set the probability of the existence anything (like cancer) to zero. And if he was to pick a name, it would be “The Orchestrator” (you know, like The Doctor, for better or for worse), as he finds orchestrating events on a massive scale surprisingly fun. He enjoys seeing the strength and wisdom of humanity in action, when they actually do show it.

Jaypee firmly believes that we must keep immersing ourselves in the culture, bathing in knowledge, stealing the techniques, wisdom, and experiences of those who came before us, and to never stop nor pause in doing so. He believes that there is no such thing as failure, only learning, experience and opportunity. Jaypee sadly admits that he is a Jack-of-all-trades, while being a master of none. Nevertheless, he tries his best at catching, I mean mastering, them all.