Executive Assistant


Though her full name is Jennifer Clemence C. Alba, this singing diva is better known by her colleagues as Jaycee. Starting on the GoSupport team, she now serves as the Executive Assistant for GAPLabs CEO. Jaycee loves working at GAPLabs because of her wonderful Boss and amazing officemates.

Confessing her love of spa massages and mani-pedi's, this 20-something girly-girl's perfect day consists of heading downtown for a quick run, taking a sip of freshly-brewed coffee from a nearby cafe, and wandering the day away by surfing the internet. Jaycee also loves getting to know new people, discovering new places, and trying new food, so she hopes to travel the world in the future.

Jaycee looks up to her former boss turned good friend as her mentor, changing her perspectives regarding work, and life, in general. One important lesson she has learned is that life is too short to whine about the difficult things; it is always better to be grateful for the struggles in order to improve oneself.