HQ Master


Mabelle is the Customer Service Manager for GoAbroad HQ, one of the many products created by GAPLabs. She is responsible for providing excellent customer service to all prospective and current HQ clients. She achieves this by supporting the product launch, creating and implementing a customer service strategy, and being an excellent HQ team member. And excellent she is.

As many of her friends at GAPLabs know, Mabelle was one of the first ever "newbies" in the history of GoAbroad. She was the first ever sales and accounts person, followed by Analou a few days after. Both of them formed the small but effective sales team of GoAbroad's "first formative years".

In the 9 years that followed, the company grew and Mabelle's career advanced along with it. She adapted her "international" professional name, Lin Mei Yui, and her influence and responsibilities as accounts manager and sales team manager flourished but she took that in stride. In August 2012, with a heavy heart, she decided that it was time to leave GAP for personal and career growth. But now she's back! Armed with her knowledge gained on CRM, Google apps, and software integration she's taking on the challenges of giving technical support for a newly developed product and killing it!