Nanay of all Nanays


Raised in Tacloban City, Teresita Macalla Mardo, or Nanay Tetit, is one of the vital members of the Admin Team. She has been a homebody since her heyday, and has a vast collection of figurines, photo albums, and postcards. She may not know how to cook fancy dishes but she knows the ABCs of cleaning like the back of her hand.

She likes listening to the songs of Julie Andrews and Elvis Presley but her all time favorite is Somewhere by Barbara Streisand, because she still believes and hopes that there is a place for her in the city where she can build a house of her own. And she loves dreaming about the easy life of yester-years.

The people she looks up to are her parents because they taught her how to be kind and to work hard despite the hardships she encounters, as well as to do the things that make her happy. Another person she idolizes is her angel and niece, Mylene Peden.