Buggl is a marketplace that connects travelers with locals who are eager to share insider information about their area. Travelers can get connected with insiders from various locations all over the world. This sharing of invaluable travel information is made possible through a platform that is not only easy to use, but aesthetically pleasing as well.

The company was created by Derek Bugley, and is a product of his passion for travelling and the many great ways it can change a person. He is committed to helping people make travelling the life-changing experience it ought to be. He has since been joined by Richard Walton and Troy Peden, who are just as passionate about experiential travel and helping as many people as possible share in the experience. Richard Walton is the founder of a leading eco travel company that currently employs people from about 40 different countries. Troy Peden is the founder of GoAbroad, a leading resource for meaningful travel. He is a highly respected leader in the field of International Education.

Buggl endeavors to bring the work of providing travel advice back into the hands of real locals, people who have actually experienced the places on a deeper level. They provide a virtual meeting place for people to trade travel stories and valuable insider secrets. They empower local experts through potential earnings and monetary rewards, and provide a safe environment for travellers to scour for the right travel information or advice.

Buggl is nurturing an ecosystem of travellers who are on their way to attaining their full travel potential.

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