GAPLabs is GAPLABs largest and most successful product yet, and online directory of meaningful travel opportunities that span that globe. Established over 15 years ago, the majority of GAPLabs employees contribute to in some way. From Sales to Content, to Tech and Design, nearly every part of is maintained at GAPLabs, although there is plenty of marketing and public relations that happens at GoAbroad's U.S. office.

Whether interested in volunteering, studying, teaching, interning, or working abroad, GoAbroad has a program in almost every country. The selection of opportunities on GoAbroad is near boundless, and with our well equipped search tool, users can easily narrow down program choices and apply or inquire about a program in just a few clicks. goes beyond program information though, it also has program reviews, participant and staff interviews, as well as a range of other resources to helps individuals select a program, including a well-established verification system and an article directory chalked full of travel advice and information.

And when users are still struggling to find a program or are overwhelmed with the wealth of opportunities in front of them, GoAbroad still has the answer; the GoAbroad Online Advisors are always available to provide hand selected program options for individual users based on their own personal preferences and goals of traveling abroad.

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