Our Story

GAPLabs working

GAPLabs has a long history that started before the concept and mission of GAPLabs began. One of the founders of GoAbroad.com, Troy Peden had been volunteering internationally and found himself in Tacloban City in Leyte working on a small project for an NGO called Building Hope. Building Hope grew and evolved into Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV) and as VFV grew GAPLabs was born.

GAPLabs began as Asian Data and Internet Solutions whose sole purpose was to provide technical support for GoAbroad.com and their family of meaningful travel websites. The Asia Data team grew and so did the drive and innovation of the team members. It was obvious that the operation was not content at being a ‘support’ team for an overseas company.

The name GAPLabs illustrates a combination GoAbroad Philippines and the corporate culture of education, invention and technology. GAPLabs is locally managed and driven, team members have conceptualized the direction of the company and guide it forward. Focused on Family, Careers, and Lifestyle GAPLabs has created beautiful and meaningful projects that are making the world a better place.

GAPLabs has grown from a small sala in 2001 to one of the most modern work facilities in Leyte complete with fitness center, lighted basketball court and state of the art work centers.

As a commitment to Lifestyle Gappers work a four day work week, enjoy monthly team building days, receive competitive salaries, enjoy continued shares in projects and have unusual perks like monthly rice allowance, free meals, and international travel opportunities.

Through dedication to developing Careers, GAPLabs provides regular professional development projects, enhances the local technology community by creating Web Camps. Gap Academy offers programming and design classes to local children and ongoing training opportunities for team members.

Families are valued at GAPLabs, both team members’ families through regular activities and parties for staff families and through our work families. “I will always have two families and I am forever dedicated to both.” -Crispina 10 year employee.

GAPLabs provides job opportunities to Tacloban City and the surrounding communities, with positions ranging from web developers and designers, content administers, sales representatives, social media community managers, administrative officers, writers and data support specialists, with commitments ranging from internships to careers. Today GAPLabs enjoys one of the highest employee retention rates in the technology sector.

After Typhoon Yolanda, the organization furthered their commitment to the community, returning to full operation in Tacloban in March 2014. Raising nearly 3.8 million pesos for staff home reconstruction and millions more for the effected communities. GAPLabs has demonstrated its dedication to Tacloban City and Leyte through its continued support of our local family members, community and NGO.

We continue to thrive as a company and as a GAPLabs family.